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City lights

City lights, orig­i­nally uploaded by Thorsten Becker.

Night falls, the city awak­ens from its slum­ber of con­fused lethargy and aim­less rush.
The noise set­tles, calms down, if ever so slightly.
The watch­ers and onlook­ers take their seats, glasses clink, laugh­ter, con­ver­sa­tions.
Then the lights come on.
Those city lights.
And the actors take to the stage
The glam­orous, the famous, the infa­mous and the barely noticed.
They all dance and chime and sing to the rhythm of the night
To the pul­sat­ing, rush­ing, streak­ing city lights.
Those city lights.
Pay no mind to the wor­ries of the day, don’t won­der about the next.
Stay calmly for a moment, close your eyes, but barely.
Watch them flicker, rise and ebb.
Watch their sto­ries unfold as they break through the haze.
Let them tell you of the night,
Those city lights.

? Thorsten Becker

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